Sunday, February 14, 2016

...and then I went to Amsterdam!

Hi y'all!  I just got done with a trip in Amsterdam for ISE 2016 (AV trade show) - and it included mostly work and a lot of boozing with the team, but here's a few snapshots of the trip!  It is horribly disjointed and out of order to give you the feeling that you're in Amsterdam too! ;)  Just kidding, it's actually that way because Blogger is really terrible at photo-handling and after multiple attempts to rearrange photos, it has bested me and my patience, so I opted for randomly ordered photos with captions.  Hopefully I'll have a better method soon, but until now, I'm just trying to provide posts and photos without throwing my laptop across the room.

VIP Treatment at the Crowne Plaza!
I squeezed in only a couple of workouts (this one is courtesy of Fitnessista, one of my fave bloggers)

Dutch sausage with apple chunks in it, mustard, and a zucchini mash with a dill cream sauce on top

One of the most beautiful cities in the whole world

Funky cafe with wifi and coffee - the perfect work environment

I seriously can't walk past a canal without snapping pictures

New favorite beer - IPA from Brouwerij't Ij (Nope, can't pronounce it, and yes, I had a gluten-induced stomachache afterwards, but it was worth it!)

Check out that sun!

Hey look, it's me!

Bikes everywhere
Alfa Romeo rental car upgrade is "GR-8"

Accidental artsy shot with the reflective bicycle wheels, haha

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