Sunday, January 15, 2017

Home Sweet Homeless

I just got back from Portugal, and on my last evening there, I found out that the location transfer I was hoping for isn't going to happen.  So now I am homeless with no end in sight and no promising opportunities on the horizon, but with at least a couple months of decent travel to anticipate!

Portugal was so much fun with my friend, Lauren, even if we were both sick at various parts of the trip.  I'm working on a full post about it, but here's a little teaser!

Now I'm back in London for a few days.  My Airbnb is great, but very...utilitarian.  It's pretty basic, and the laundry is in a downstairs communal laundry room, so I can't just put laundry in during the day and leave it (which I am only now realizing is a huge problem for all the clothes that can't go in the dryer because if I don't do laundry until Saturday as planned, they won't be dry in the <24 hours until I have to pack and fly again...crap).

I'm finally feeling better after a horrible cold kept me out of it for a few days, but now I have a big week to get all my projects in a stable condition before I go on vacation to Asia.  I travel all day Sunday to get to Groningen, Netherlands for work.  Of all places, I just found out there's a huge music festival happening in Groningen right now, but it ends the day before I arrive - go figure.  Hopefully I can find somewhere to watch the Dallas Cowboys playoff game, and the hotel I stay in, fortunately, has a great breakfast and onsite DIY laundry (rather than absurdly expensive hotel laundry service) and a decent gym.  The "workouts" part of this blog and my life have fallen in priority with all the travel and various aches and injuries (plantar fasciitis - ouch!), so hopefully I can manage a few sweat sessions while my laundry is going.

 Until next time, and Happy New Year!

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